• "The key is in not spending time, but in investing it."—Stephen R. Covey

  • "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”―Dr. Seuss
  • “Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.” —Seth Godin
  • "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." —Andy Warhol

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Do you need training or education on Social Media and Events? Do you want to train your in-house team how to manage your media? Do you want to go further to become that celebrity in your field? The Antoon Group provides several options for training.

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Event Planning

Just like any Blockbuster movie an event has several roles that need to be filled. No matter if you need help from beginning to end or in just one or two areas the Antoon Group is here to make your event a Blockbuster event.

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Public Relations

We know you can be a celebrity in your field. You have trained and developed your specific expertise. You can take the time to master media, but why take time away from your true expertise? Let the Antoon Group streamline the process for you.

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